Travel Insurance Acceptance

Dear Traveler

Your upcoming trip is a significant investment, which involves risks.

For this reason, Proud African Safaris strongly urges all its clients to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan valid for the entire duration of their trip. This insurance should cover you for events such as trip cancellation, delay or interruption, lost or delayed baggage, emergency accident, illness and evacuation, 24-hour medical assistance, traveler’s assistance, and emergency cash transfer.

For coverage, we suggest Travel Guard Insurance. The total premium will be based on each traveler’s age and total per person trip price, including airfares.

Please visit the Travel Guard website online at

Please note that you must return this completed form to Proud African Safaris before your trip departure. A completed Travel Insurance Acceptance Form is a condition of travel. Please be aware that many insurance plans provide extra coverage when the travel insurance is purchased within 15 days of making the initial trip payment. Please read the Travel Guard brochure / application for a complete description of the travel insurance benefits and assistance services.

    Yes, I have decided to purchase a comprehensive tour protection plan from another insurance company and have included details so you may confirm my/our coverage.Yes, comprehensive travel insurance has been explained and recommended to me relative to my forthcoming trip; however, I have declined to purchase such insurance. I, the undersigned, accept full responsibility for, and will not hold Proud African Safaris responsible, for any loss or expense incurred which would have been covered by the recommended comprehensive travel insurance.Yes, I have read the brochure/application and have purchased a Travel Guard Comprehensive Tour Protection plan. I have included the policy number below so you may confirm my/our coverage.